Moon Funeral (seamless full EP)

from by Cicadas

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I recorded this in my basement. It took a really long time.



In Antarctica
There's some evil men
They try to hide the truth
but they know I have the proof
that they're working for the government

Wake up Gillian

In Antarctica
there's hard evidence
That the men with the guns
are all born-again sons of
resource-stealing aliens

Wake up Gillian


The woman in the river leads her congregation south
To leap from ancient waterfalls at old man mountain's mouth

Teens worship in the stream, baptized in gray and green
schooled at universities, minds of a hundred Ph.Ds

Kiss the rocks below
dissertations on the ice and snow
Steel-eyed brunette
Where have you led all your friends?

The woman in the river, pink with spring and voyeurs' gazes
sings to lure the lurking law-men from their hiding places

Great Danes search the waves, scent of criminals in their brains
One girl owns their respect, it's her youth they must protect a

Steel-eyed brunette
surrounds me in the rain on the leaves
Your hounds ain't found me yet
but you know exactly where i am...


Carnivores in clouds of flies
with blood-stained teeth and blood shot eyes
the kill is fresh, there's mouths to feed
the prey seems never-ending

They stink like death and while they grin
their claws are tearin' at my skin
they wear their victims on their lips
and they're always trying to kiss me

No more survival of the fit
there's only competition
and if you wanna get ahead
there's just one way to win
if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
I'm lookin' out for number one
...even if that makes us zero

The pack has grown ten times it's size
and there's a new threat on the rise
it'll out-compete and eat you all
and make you eat your babies

Now their numbers, once so vast
have left the planet all too fast
there's no escaping mother's grasp
Extinction is for winners
Extinction favors winners


There is no way way you can be here
softness saint sweet crushing wine

Vanish swift against the bedroom
wordless hollow love so fine

There's so much money in this purse
and now it all belongs to us
we can make a better life

All adventures gold and stay
so does everything you say
you mouth, you lucky victim

A guilty conscience numbing romance
with no more bandages to peel

Barking ski masks tickle uzis
and bound our broken wrists in steel

Bronze the trauma in her brain
she would never be the same
and now neither would I

Do they think I put her down?
Is that what this is all about?
A curse? The broken woman?

It's time to face the music, hyena needle's dread
I feel so remorseful for everything I did
But i'm no murderer
No i'm no murderer



Andrea sways
pulls back the hood
she grins for the midnight
and fall naked branches

Young Chloe smiles
and leads me to her room
it's dressed in razored lady faces
quiet about the love

Young Chloe laughs
private vertebrae
those pearls of oysters
marching down her throat


I fractured midnight with a kiss
stolen from the wrong set of lips
As tears were oozing from her eyes
all i could do was wonder why

I guess i didn't think this through
and now i don't know what to do
I don't love you anymore

Only once i caught the stars
kiss her eyes with swollen hearts
Her letters brought a small monsoon
for missed appointments and cruel perfume

I guess i couldn't make you sad
I gave it everything I had
But you don't love me anymore

Who am i trying to fool?
Who am i trying to impress?


from Moon Funeral, released November 9, 2013
Colleen Allison- Backing vocals on "Wake Up Gillian", "The Girl With The Rotating Spine", "Don't Love"; lead vocal on "The Woman In The River"
Malcolm Regan- Backing guitar lovings on "Don't Love"
Nicholas Embrogno- Drums on the 2nd part of "Don't Love"
Kylie & Calvin Harms- Backing vocals on "Murderer"
Sammy Sizemore- Everything Else

All songs written+produced+poorly mastered by Sammy Sizemore
artwerk by him too
Package Design by Colleen Allison

© 2013



all rights reserved


Cicadas Cleveland, Ohio

Sammy Sizemore and Malcolm Regan are from Cleveland and make music, sometimes with the help of Colleen Allison, among others.

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