Tyrannosaurus Americanus

from by Cicadas




Carnivores in clouds of flies
with blood-stained teeth and blood shot eyes
the kill is fresh, there's mouths to feed
the prey seems never-ending

They stink like death and while they grin
their claws are tearin' at my skin
they wear their victims on their lips
and they're always trying to kiss me

No more survival of the fit
there's only competition
and if you wanna get ahead
there's just one way to win
if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
I'm lookin' out for number one
...even if that makes us zero

The pack has grown ten times it's size
and there's a new threat on the rise
it'll out-compete and eat you all
and make you eat your babies

Now their numbers, once so vast
have left the planet all too fast
there's no escaping mother's grasp
Extinction is for winners
Extinction favors winners


from Moon Funeral, released November 9, 2013
Sammy- Sounds, Voice, Words



all rights reserved


Cicadas Cleveland, Ohio

Sammy Sizemore and Malcolm Regan are from Cleveland and make music, sometimes with the help of Colleen Allison, among others.

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